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PhraseExpander 4.1 Standard Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — PhraseExpander 4.1 Standard

Store in PhraseExpander all the pieces of information you use often, and get them at the touch of a button.
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PhraseExpander 4.1 Standard esteve disponível como oferta em 5 de maio de 2014

Giveaway of the Day de Hoje
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Projete, amplie e mobilie com o software de design residencial 3D!

Você está cansado de escrever as mesmas frases ou copiar e colar pedaços de frases para preencher os seus relatórios e e-mails repetitivos?

O PhraseExpander lhe dá uma folguinha!

Com o PhraseExpander, você pode criar uma biblioteca contendo os textos frequentemente usados e recuperá-los ao teclar uma abreviação em qualquer aplicativo. Por exemplo, digite you PSI e "Para sua Informação" será imediatamente inserida. O PhraseExpander também irá autocorrigir os seus erros ortográficos em qualquer aplicativo.

O Histórico embutido do Clipboard lhe dá acesso instantâneo aos últimos ítens que você copiou para o Clipboard. Você também pode usar o PhraseExpander para inicializar os seus aplicativos favoritos e websites e para fazer buscas na web.

Os principais recursos incluem:

  • Interface moderna e fácil de usar.
  • Tutoriais de vídeo e frases pré-definidas para você começar com o pé direito (e outras disponíveis gratuitamente para download).
  • Testpad convenientemente embutido para testar as suas frases com rapidez e facilidade.
  • Histórico de Clipboard para rapidamente acessar os últimos ítens copiados para o clipboard.
  • Multi-idioma embutido.
  • Insira os seus snippets de texto em plain text ou rich text.
  • Complete frases inteiras ao teclar uma abreviação ou tecla de atalho.
  • Incialize os seus aplicativos favoritos e websites ao teclar algumas letras no aplicativo.
  • Use o PhraseExpander para fazer buscas em websites como Amazon, Youtube, Wikipedia.
  • Migre os seus snippets com facilidade de outros aplicativos.
  • Você pode confiar na gente: ajudamos pequenas e grandes empresas desde 2006.
  • PhraseExpander 4 (Lançado recentemente) é o expansor de texto mais inovador do Windows.s the most innovative text expanderSee what's new in PhraseExpander 4
  • Nota: o uso comercial é permitido
    Win PhraseExpander Professional:
    Ao requisitar a sua licença gratuita do PhraseExpander Standard, você pode ganhar uma licença do PhraseExpander Professional (custo de US$149).
    O Winners irá anunciar o vencedor no dia 19 de Maio de 2014 e o mesmo será notificado por e-mail.

    Peça a sua licença gratuita do PhraseExpander

    Requisitos do Sistema:

    Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP (x32/x64)

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    39.5 MB



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    Thanks for your comments. I'm Andrea Nagar and I'll be happy to reply to your questions or suggestions here.

    @Karl: thanks for the nice words. What do you feel is complicated in getting started? You can get up and running in 3 steps:

    1. create a new phrase with the text you want to insert (I think you already know texts that you are typing over and over)

    2. set an abbreviation for it. You can use the first word or the first letter of the first words
    3. Type the associated abbreviation in any application and the text is expanded

    @Amber: you are correct. We are working with people who need to do a lot of repetitive typing and often need to enter the information in a very structured way. Some include: customer care, medical doctors, lawyers, translators and more.
    I think writers can use it to enter names of characters that often return, for example but we are not focusing on them.

    @col: I agree with you. There are a lot of situation where you need to enter the same information (does you email address or mailing address change? My bet is that you'll have to type it quite a lot).

    @Nigel: our competitor is free for non commercial usage only. You can use PhraseExpander for both commercial and non-commercial usage. And, as you can see PhraseExpander is often updated as well (we have recently released v.4.1 I also think that you'll find the PhraseExpander interface much easier to use.

    PhraseExpander  –  9 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+148)

    @xpktv2000 Thanks for your comment but PhraseExpander is a completely different product and the autotext of Word is not anywhere near to what you can do with PhraseExpander like building templates that can be customized by point and click on a form.

    If you need to do a lot of report filling, you know that Word is autotext is not a good option.

    @Entruchio: as said, this tool is not for writers but for people that need to do a lot of repetitive typing.

    PhraseExpander  –  9 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+106)

    Installed and registered without problems on a Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit system.

    A funny way to receive the registration code: You give them your email address and you receive the registration code only after confirming, that you want to be on their "subscription" list. Whatever this means.

    An Italian company with a name & phone. My name is Andrea Nagar and I’m the founder at Nagarsoft.

    Upon start a modern interface gives a short and understandable introduction in this program. You can easily add "phrase" e.g.

    "Greetings from Nirvana" -> "cntrl"+"N"

    This phrase will be inserted in every application, where you want to write a text. This works without problems. And a lot of additional parameters can be used. This makes a good impression. It is not as easy to use, that the other "text-by-key-replacemt" programs, but an excellent addition for those writing often repeating text snippets.

    I think, that many of use have a real use for this software. For the simple tasks too complex, for complex tasks simple.

    I will keep this... and maybe win the Professional version... LOL

    Karl  –  9 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+105)

    To #2 and #6

    Yes, you both are right, but...
    This (kind of) software is not for authors/writers.
    It is meant for anyone who has to type the same "info" over and over again.
    - recurring email addresses
    - salutions
    - personal data
    The list and the examples could go on and on.
    Everyone who use a computer, sooner or later, disovers that there is a lot of repetitive text/info/data that can be typed repetitively.

    This is a "time saver" not a typing ad.

    Of course if and how much time you can save relates to two factors:
    - How good are you at typing
    - How the ergonomics of such a product is well conceived

    That said, Happy writing to everybody!

    El Coyote  –  9 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+77)

    Pretty good software, but this GAOTD is just the BASIC version of the main program worth a whopping 149 bucks (are you joking, man? LOL!)

    So as you can see it actually misses lots of key features provided by Phrase Express (FREE!!), such as displaying suggestions as you type!!

    No offense meant for my fellow countryman developer, but saying that this software (GAOTD = Standard Version worth 59$) is better than "Phrase Express" simply because the latter is FREE only for Personal Use doesn't make too much sense for me!!

    Giovanni  –  9 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+58)

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