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Paragon Drive Copy 11 Compact (English Version) Giveaway
$ 39.95

Giveaway of the day — Paragon Drive Copy 11 Compact (English Version)

O Drive Copy 11 fornece a migração mais eficiente de um drive ou software, de qualquer fonte para qualquer meio.
$ 39.95 EXPIRADO
avaliação do usuário: 491 (60%) 325 (40%) 2 comentários

Paragon Drive Copy 11 Compact (English Version) esteve disponível como oferta em 25 de maio de 2011

Giveaway of the Day de Hoje
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Quickly convert 4K Ultra HD/1080p HD/SD video to a wide range of formats.

Você não precisa mais passar horas cumprindo tarefas tediosas ou reinstalando programas quando fizer o upgrade do seu PC. Extraia o melhor do sistema que você já possui - e simplesmente mova-o para o hard drive novo. A operação não requer a reinicialização do sistema e é totalmente seguro para os seus dados. Você pode continuar a trabalhar no seu computador até que a migração termine e você terá uma duplicata exata do seu antigo hard drive, com todos os softwares funcionando.

O Drive Copy 11 Compact inclui um tutorial intuitivo que faz migrações rápidas e seguras oara Drives novos e até reduz as informações para drives de menor capacidade, graças às novas capacidades avançadas de exclusão de dados. Você pode transferir um sistema em funcionamento sem prejudicar o seu trabalho e ainda alinhar as partições caso seja necessário.

Use o Drive Copy 11 Compact para migrações rápidas e eficientes!

Principais recursos:

  • Clona um HDD inteiro ou uma partição específica em uma única operação;
  • Faz a migração do Windows para Solid State Drives (até de menor capacidade) em uma única operação;
  • Migra um hard disk para um contêiner;
  • Proporcionalmente redimensiona partições durante a migração para um drive maior;
  • Alinha partições no drive de destino automaticamento caso seja necessário;
  • Detecta e copia automaticamente MSRs para a migração para do Windows 7;
  • Allows the user to exclude data during the process in order to fit the destination disk;
  • Inclui a funcionalidade de mover/redimensionar da Paragon.

Limitações da Edição Compacta:

O Paragon Drive Copy 11 Compact é baseado na Edição Profissional, com a exceção das funcionalidades:

  • WinPE Recovery CD (um CD de Recuperação do Linux está incluído no produto)
  • Clonagem virtual do seu PC (operações P2V)
  • Ajuste do SO para hardwares diferentes (operações P2P)
  • Migração para drives 3TB
  • Programação e scripting

Veja mais recursos, cenários de uso e informações do produto no website da Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional.

Suporte Técnico: Durante o período de Giveaway a Paragon Software fornece suporte técnico em Faça as suas perguntas caso você tenha problemas ao fazer o download, registro ou ao usar o software. A equipe da Paragon Software terá o prazer em lhe ajudar.

Requisitos do Sistema:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 (x32/ x64); Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher; Intel Pentium CPU or its equivalent, with 300 Mhz processor clock speed; 256 MB of RAM (512+ recommended)

Publicado por:

Paragon Software

Página Oficial:

Tamanho do arquivo:

104 MB


$ 39.95

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Instalei em Windows 7 Pro 64 bits sem problemas.
Excelente programa. É um "must have".

Responder   |   Antonio Saverio  –  11 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (0)

You are ONLY sending a password to my email but the software requires a serial number and the product key. How can I activate this???

Estão-me a enviar uma password mas o programa pede um serial number e um product key. Como é que eu activo isto???

Responder   |   Miguel  –  11 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (0)
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Price listed is the listed price for the professional edition of this software NOT the compact edition, so were not getting an accurate offering today i.e. fully licensed comercial package.

As far as I read their website there is no "Compact" edition on sale on their website making this a fake giveaway especially if GAOTD are being charged full license fee for the Profesional edition which this clearly is not with all the missing features:

"Paragon Drive Copy 11 Compact is based on Professional Edition, excluding the following functionality:

•WinPE Recovery CD (Linux-based Recovery CD is included into the product)
•Crating virtual clone of your PC (P2V operations)
•Adjusting OS to different hardware (P2P operations)
•Migration to 3TB drives
•Scheduling and scripting"

The usual Special Edition (SE) Paragon offer only remove WinPE from GAOTD package leaving mostly fully functional product underneath but this one removes some pretty fundimental features as well making it essentially crippleware compared to the fully licensed comercial product it's pricing it as.

TK  –  11 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+235)

to #2/Tom:

Create backup image of the drive after DC11 installation. Later when you need to reinstall the DC11 the only chance would be restoring to the state where DC11 was installed and working.

to #3/TK:

Compact edition was created for OEM channel, so it's paid version but it doesn't have its retail price and own website. We used website and price of DC 11 Pro for your info as Compact edition is built on the same engine excluding just a few features and covers most of migration scenarios.

to #4/Not Telling:

Your email is used to register in our system to receive a serial number to unlock the product. We never use your contact details in any third party purposes.

to #5/Merlin:

P2P functionality can't be used without WinPE Recovery CD, which is usually not provided in special editions due to our license agreement with Microsoft.

to #7/Mark Fordworth:

This software contains fully functionally Recovery CD image inside so you download only one file not two. It's technically impossible to make file size very small without splitting it in 2 files. Recovery CD is extremely helpful to get all benefits from the software so we want everybody downloads it.

to #8/unhap:

If you need P2V functionality, you can use our free solution Paragon GoVirtual. We saved most of migration functionality from Pro edition here.

Kirill (Paragon)  –  11 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+100)

Useless, guys take the time to read clearly that this is a STRIPED DOWN VERSION of the Professional version.
I was hopping to try the P2V features, alas..
You basically get NOTHING out of it. BIG TIME WASTER. Unusual from Paragon (?).

unhap  –  11 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+99)

I agree with TK, this is not far off from being a demo version. This is not the first time Paragon has done this either, i.e. "personal" editions of backup software. While I find it hard to complain about free software, there is a point to be made here.

We all come here to try software for free that we would otherwise have to pay for, in return the vendors are hoping that we will enjoy/find it so useful that we will recommend it to our friends or customers (which I have done), or purchase it if we are to use it in a professional environment. With a product like this we are not able to fully use the software, thereby making it hard to recommend, as well as the fact that has been pointed out, you cannot buy this version of the software. While I will try it out, I am very disappointed not to be able to try the virtualization option. On that basis alone I will not recommend this software to anyone.
Not to seem ungrateful, I greatly appreciate all of the free software I have downloaded over the years. And I have downloaded my fair share. The reason I come here daily to see what is offered is, while I may not need that days offering, I many times will install it to try down later and of course the advantage over downloading the demo version is that I am busy, and most demos are time limited. I may not need the software in the next 15 to 30 days or have the time to devote to fully trying it out right now, but down the road I may use it. That being said, if GOTD continues to allow vendors the option for these types of offerings they run the risk of damaging their reputation and becoming just another "demo" site.

JP  –  11 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+80)

As to mining of information (#2, Not Tellin), you say you already messed up and gave the address to someone untrusted. You might even find it necessary to abandon that address if things get too bad. I suggest you might want to look at a fantastic completely free forwarding service at I've been using them for years (just a user, in no way involved with the operation), and they protect my private addresses just great. I can let legitimate mail through, or even just let one e-mail through to get a registration code like this one. and I can shut down a forwarding address if I ever see spam, all without risk to my private data. It isn't just commercial companies like you mention, I even had to block one address that I used to sign up for a technical forum when the idiot forum manager made it public and it started being spammed. Of course you want to be careful with all private data, not just an e-mail address, but the e-mail one is the only one I was concerned about with this offer and I used a spamgourmet address with no problem, so at least I will not be spammed.

Mark Fordworh  –  11 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+54)

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