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Online Armor ++ (Anti-Virus and Firewall Protection) Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Online Armor ++ (Anti-Virus and Firewall Protection)

Online Armor ++ Acaba Com As Ameaças que o Anti-Vírus Deixa Passar!
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Online Armor ++ (Anti-Virus and Firewall Protection) esteve disponível como oferta em 29 de janeiro de 2010

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Online Armor ++ Acaba Com As Ameaças que o Anti-Vírus Deixa Passar!

Você está com vírus no computador?

Se você já escaneou o seu PC e encontrou um vírus, você deve estar se fazendo estas 3 perguntas

  • Como ele chegou ali?
  • Quando é que ele chegou ali?
  • Qual o dano que ele já causou?

O software Anti Virus é reativo - ele precisa conhecer o vírus antes de detectá-lo.

Seja Pró-Ativo - Adquira um Firewall!
No entanto, se você já possui um firewall top de linha como o Online Armor então você nem precisa se perguntar mais nada. O Online Armor controla o que entra e sai de seu PC. Mesmo que você mesmo faça um download, o Online Armor saberá se ele está tentando acessar a Internet e irá automaticamente bloqueá-lo ou permitir ao checar com a nossa "lista amiga" de softwares e arquivos conhecidos. De qualquer maneira você estará no controle e melhor protegido.

Firewall e Anti-Virus em um só Produto
Com o Online Armor ++ você pode ter ambas as coisas. O Online Armor é conhecido dos, se não os melhores, um dos melhores Firewall’s disponíveis, então faz sentido combiná-lo com um Anti Vírus líder de mercado, fornecido pela Emsisoft. Assim como com vírus você também poderá escanear, detectar e deletar Malware e Rootkits.

Online Armor ++ geralmente custa 59.95 USD mas nas próximas 24 horas ele será seu Gratuitamente aqui.

Online Armor ++ recebeu uma qualificação de 5 estrelas da PC Security Labs. Ele também foi testado pela Malware Research Group e quando testado contra 78.120 viruses, resultou em uma detecção de 99.98%.

Requisitos do Sistema:

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 (x32)

Publicado por:

Tall Emu Pty Ltd

Página Oficial:

Tamanho do arquivo:

82.5 MB



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Simplismente uma porcaria esse programa!

Responder   |   Mario  –  13 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (0)

Não funcionou , não deixou registrar .

It did not work, did not leave register .

It did not work, did not leave record, I did it yesterday, was within the validity of 24 hours.

Responder   |   Reinaldo Lima  –  13 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (0)

Tem que se registrar, daí enviam o Serial para o teu e.mail... funciona bem, o único inconveniente é que o programa fica sempre perguntando antes de abrir qualquer site, link, etc...

Responder   |   Luiz Paulo  –  13 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (0)

O software?? O software não tem ponta por onde se lhe pegue..... para receber o registo. No site do link disponibilizado pela v equipa não há nada! só o acesso a um cupão de desconto... Será que fecharam mais cedo??

Responder   |   Online Armor ++  –  13 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (0)

then? where is the serial? far received nothing!

Responder   |   Alex  –  13 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (0)

something is worng here

there´s no "registration key" at website

without it, you can not install the soft

Responder   |   luiz paulo  –  13 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (0)
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Hi Folks - Sorry for the problems, the site is under enormous load (10x what it was last GOTD) and our techs are working on it right now.


Mike  –  13 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+171)

Hi All,

A brief update - we've had a hardware failure on one DNS, which has caused a problems when combined with heavy server load.

We have already provisioned a VPS with our pals at slicehost (under 2 minutes to get a server online!) and are restoring the backup DNS configuration to it ASAP.

I'm monitoring the situation and as soon as its completely resolved, will let you know.

Nobody should miss out on the offer because of this. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Mike  –  13 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+121)

Hi folks,

We're processing again and the issue is fixed. Thanks for your patience.


Mike  –  13 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+89)

I've tried Comodo free version but it was too noisy for me. I didn't want to spend two weeks learning how to fine tune it, so I switched to Online Armor free. Similar functionality but way less intrusive.

To compare firewalls go to Proactive Security Challenge.

IMO this is worth getting just for the 'Advanced' Firewall features. You can turn off other features you don't want to use.

From the Tall Emu site:
* At the end of your subscription Online Armor will continue to work. Subscription only affects product updates.
* Note: The Antivirus engine in Online Armor ++ requires a current subscription to work.

How do you get this offer?
* Choose which product you want the discount to apply to this will take you to the shopping cart.
* Enter the promo code GOTD-813-EMU if prompted
* You must use the checkout process to get your licence key.
* Your licence key will be emailed to you in a few minutes.
* You must use your real email to register. Registrations from disposable email addresses will be cancelled.

Terms & Conditions
* Online Armor supports Windows XP and Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit)
* YOU DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL TODAY. We are giving away normal commercial licences as part of this promotion.
* Paid licences can be activated at any time; subscription starts from date of first activation
* 64bit operating systems are not supported.
* FREE licences not activated within 30 days will be disabled.

Geoff  –  13 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+87)

Some of the comments made on here today really are the pits.

A genuinely-priced $59.95 product is offered entirely free of charge by a genuine and respected software publisher but instead of making a constructive comment an all-too frequent response instead is:

Hey! Where's the 64-bit version I wanna have for free? Jeez, what kind of deveoper is it, can't even put out a 64-bit version?

To which the counter-question might be asked: if you're running a 64-bit system and would like to have Online Armor on your PC, why not send a polite email to them expressing your interest?

Instead of ranting on here.

Of course, whilst you're at it, you could have a go at Google Chrome, too. That's not a 64-bit Windows browser. Shame on Google! How about Microsoft itself? It's been aware since 2003 of the existence of PCs whose processors are able to manage such huge data sets. Yet its roll-out of 64-bit software has been (to put it mildly) anything but enthusiastic.

And even when Microsoft has met the alleged "demand" for 64-bit in the form of the latest IE8 browser, the darned thing is crippled by absence of 64-bit Active X.

Oh, wait a minute: have a go at Adobe as well. They've gone for years without addressing the 64-bit issue -- pretty ludicrous, when you realise that it's precisely that kind or architecture which is ideal for stuff like Photoshop. Well, Adobe has put that right now. . . with the downside that some users are only discovering to their cost just how much RAM is now needed by Photoshop as a result.

The reality is, a lot of computer users on here and elsewhere in the world are still with 32-bit not because they're stupid and not because they're Luddites but because they're well aware of the justifiable caution of software developers when it comes to working up 64-bit products for a mass market that simply ain't there yet.

Sure, as memory prices drop and more PCs are retailed with RAM of a size at least double the going rate at the moment, then 64-bit will have its day.

But that's still not happened.

The vast majority of PC users aren't geeks or modders or people who instantly go out and upgrade the RAM on their new PC. And nor should they. Not only that: they don't have urgent need of 64-bit computing for the kind of stuff they're doing anyway.

So. For the benefit of the rest of us who're happily working on 2Gb or 3Gb RAM PCs running XP or Vista and have yet to have a crisis moment when they cry out: "Oh Gawd, if only I had 64-bit right this minute!!". . . please, give us a break and take your moans and your groans somewhere other than GOTD.

As to today's softwsare offer: I downloaded without difficulty from the Mirror Site (linked at top of page) after failing to get anywhere with the main dowenload site. I'm on a slow and rusting Internet connection in the UK but the entire download went through in under 12 minutes. I then went to the developer's offer page, chose today's product, entered the GOTD code and registered my name and email address details.

Five minutes later, I had the Tall Emu licence code.

The software is now installed and working through its initial scan.

Only time will tell just how effective this turns out to be, but so far, so good.

Definitely, a great day for, er, 32-bit users everywhere, so many, many thanks, GOTD, and many, many thanks, Tall Emu / Online Armor.

MikeR  –  13 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+62)

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