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LignUp Multi Collector 2.7 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — LignUp Multi Collector 2.7

Com o LineUp Multi Collector, diversos elementos separados tornarão-se um verdadeiro tesouro em uma harmoniosa coleção.
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LignUp Multi Collector 2.7 esteve disponível como oferta em 5 de março de 2012

Giveaway of the Day de Hoje
$24.95 / month
grátis hoje
Remova o bloqueio de ativação do iCloud com facilidade e segurança.

É tão fácil e poderoso ao mesmo tempo. Organize e gerencie qualquer coleção usando o software MultiCollector. Escolha entre dezenas de categorias ou customize uma de acordo com as suas necessidades - edite qualquer template para combinar com os seus colecionáveis. Ele é tão flexível e irá combinar com os seus colecionáveis. Customize os seus templates e layouts. Configure as suas posições e estilos. Adicione imagens com facilidade diretamente de buscas online ou webcam. Gere relatórios em PDF, CSV ou em HTML.

Não perca a oferta especial do LignUp para usuários do GOTD – 30% de descontos em todos os títulos durante o período de giveaway! Use o código LIGN-5YG6 para obter o desconto.

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Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

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What does this do? The description is very vague.

Blood-Wiper  –  12 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+151)

Open source, free and very nice alternative :

NYB  –  12 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+102)

Did anyone else think the description was gibberish?

BlackKnight  –  12 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+79)

I have a feeling that the rating system (thumbs up/thumbs down) is being subjectively abused by users not amused by the functions of the current giveaway. Please rate it after you have tried it, IF you actually have tried it at all.

Alexander  –  12 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+78)

I often have a feeling that the rating system (thumbs up/thumbs down) is being subjectively abused not only by users not interested in apps like this GAOTD but also by its main rivals in the attempt to bring discredit on their own competitors.

Anyway, today's giveaway is not a bad app at all, as the current low rating instead suggests.....and for sure it's worth much more than just 24% thumbs up.

And as far as I'm concerned it's very useful indeed, since it's capable of searching online info, by capturing images directly from programs, through Google, eBay and Amazon, using several combinations of advanced filters and parameters, with the additional option to allow you to create reports for every single component of your collection.

And unlike most of freeware and open source out there, such as the excellent DATACROW, it's also highly customizable, since it enables you to create your own category of stuff so as to match users' needs, as well as change database templates and output layouts.


So for these reasons I give it a THUMBS UP!

That being said, besides the Open Source DATACROW, as FREE ALTERNATIVES, always updatable unlike this GAOTD, I recommend the following FREE apps:

* (PORTABLE) Stuff Organizer


* myCollection

And if you have, like me, a huge collection of SOFTWARE (freeware or shareware) installed in your PCs, then to trace them in one mouse click and/or keep track of any information of them (serial number, version, publisher, platform, type, category, price, installation date, installation folder, product homepage etc...) just use this magic FREE organizer database tool, ki$$ing goodbye to your wallet:

Stay organized, Enjoy & Prosper (for FREE of course!!)


Giovanni  –  12 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+73)

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