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LightPDF Editor VIP Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — LightPDF Editor VIP

Um editor de PDF fácil de usar, mas poderoso.
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LightPDF Editor VIP esteve disponível como oferta em 23 de dezembro de 2021

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LightPDF Editor é um editor de PDF fácil de usar, mas poderoso, que oferece muitos recursos úteis de edição, leitura e conversão de PDF. Sua interface simples permite que você conclua trabalhos com PDF em alguns cliques.Destacar recursos do Editor LightPDF: • Modifique textos, imagens e links de PDF • Converta PDF para outros formatos e vice-versa • OCR para extrair e editar PDF digitalizado • Compactar e mesclar PDF • Inserir assinatura eletrônica e digital • Adicionar e remover marca d'água PDF • Adicionar, alterar, remover cabeçalhos e rodapés • Adicionar, alterar e remover fundo de PDF • Anotar e comentar PDF • Criar um novo PDF • Dividir, extrair e cortar páginas PDF • Inserir e excluir páginas PDF • Girar páginas PDF • Proteger PDFTrês etapas para usar este editor de PDF: 1. Abra o aplicativo, clique em “Abrir” e “Arquivos locais” para importar o arquivo PDF. 2. Clique em “Editar” para modificar textos, imagens, cabeçalhos, rodapés ou links em PDF. Vá em “Converter” para converter documentos. Vá para “Páginas” para gerenciar as páginas do PDF. Vá para “Comentário” para anotar ou adicionar comentários a um PDF. Vá para “Ferramentas” para encontrar mais ferramentas. E clique em “Assinar” para adicionar assinatura ao PDF. 3. Quando terminar, clique no botão Salvar para salvar as alterações.

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Requisitos do Sistema:

Windows 10/ 8/ 7

Publicado por:

Apowersoft Ltd

Página Oficial:

Tamanho do arquivo:

22 MB

Licence details:

1 year license



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Developed by Microsoft
Create PDF documents from printable files.
Open, modify, convert, sign, and secure your PDFs.
Developed by Acro Software Inc.

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Think I will pass on this freebie. The Apple store version is full of fake reviews (you can tell by the naming structure of the reviewers is ALL the same) The app store version costs $9.99 a year subscription. The subscription price for the online version is subscription based and listed as 1.67/ month if you buy the full year, and going month to month is 9.99 a month. No where can I find the claimed $69.90 to buy. Too many red flags on this giveaway for me.
Max file size is only 30mb no matter if you use the free or paid versions.
Viewing comments on previous GaotD for other Apowersoft programs notes many of the same concerns/issues

LadyoftheForest  –  Last year  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+36)

Really wanted this program but after downloading and installing -and then waiting 2 hours, in vain, for the activation code I gave up. Can't understand why GOTD continue to offer such clunky products to people. With all that potential end-users have to contend with right now, this kind of time-wasting is the last thing we need!

Jay Bee  –  Last year  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+16)

This program requires Internet access to use it as a VIP user. Each time you open in you must LogIn to get the VIP usage. If you use Facebook then a web page will pop up each time you login to send data about your use and get the VIP code. You may not have the right to make a new PDF...

Roger  –  Last year  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+15)

Most convoluted activation process I have ever seen. So frustrating that I uninstalled the program without even getting it started.

Paul  –  Last year  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+13)

Hi Apowersoft team,

I followed all mentioned steps, and it didn't accept to log in with all possible means ...
S/W uninstalled and repeated the same process again with no success...
Furthermore, I did this for the 3rd time with a different email address, and it didn't work either ...

I am a GAOTD member since 2006 and this could be the 1st time i face such issue...

mm155  –  Last year  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+12)

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