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FTPGetter 3.11 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — FTPGetter 3.11

Automatizar seu FTP upload e download tarefas.
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FTPGetter 3.11 esteve disponível como oferta em 12 de fevereiro de 2009

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Ganhar tempo em atualizaçoés do FTP! Planeje seus uploads e ganhar simplicidade no trabalho. Pode Programar e automatizar transferências com um console centralizado. Seu computador pode fazer os uploads, downloads, ou sincronizar a informação entre a casa e o escritório automaticamente!

Processando ficheiros de grupo usando máscaras permitirá que você ajuste a lista dos uploads ou downloads no FTP server. O planejador interno começará as tarefas que você criou.

FTPGetter pode trabalhar simultaneamente com qualquer número de servidores do FTP por usar a tecnologia “multithread.” FTPGetter apoia uma conexão direta aos servidores do FTP, e também a conexão através de um servidor proxy (FTP, SOCKS, ou HTTP).

Requisitos do Sistema:

Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista

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FTPGetter Team

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3.84 MB



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The Good
* Has the features of a sync tool and an FTP program in one.
* You can setup multiple automated tasks for each FTP account.
* The 'sync tool' part of the program allows for the use of filters.
* You can receive email notifications concerning your transfers.
* You can schedule sync tasks to occur at a designated time.
* You can have multiple sync tasks running at one time.
* You can set the program to run a sync based on if the contents of a folder is modified (event based scheduler).

The Bad
* Sync part of the program does not work if you installed it as a service.
* The FTP part of the program (FTP explorer) is noticeably slow.
* You can't use third party editing tools like Notepad++ for the FTP explorer.
* Sync automatically occurs after you create the task.
* Drag + drop does not work.
* When you save a file after editing it, it is automatically is uploaded to your FTP server (if you loaded it from there).
* The demo video that comes with the program is of an older version.
* You can't highlight and select multiple different tasks - you have to start them individually.
* Scheduler is turned on by default.
* "Synchronize" is not very smart.
* Event based scheduler can only monitor a local folder.

Free Alternatives:
There are tons of FTP programs out there. Only to name a few:

FTP Commander

Since one of FTPGetter's main abilities is the sync tool, here are two sync tools that can sync with FTP servers:

Titan Backup 1.5 (has a sync tool built in)

The idea behind FTPGetter is pretty good. However, as I mentioned earlier, I feel the sync tool is underdeveloped and the FTP tool is underdeveloped, leading to an undesirable program. Not to mention the bug of the sync tool not working if you install FTPGetter as a service. Thumbs down for FTPGetter. My recommendation for today is the following: for an FTP tool, I only say FileZilla because that is what I use. It is tested and it works. However other FTP tools like CoreFTP LE and FTP Commander are also good choices - it just comes out to personal preference. Then combine whatever FTP tool you chose with either SyncBack or Titan Backup (if you prefer simple sync, go Titan; advanced go SyncBack). The combination of two software will give you the most of the functionality of FTPGetter but with programs that run a lot better.

Full Review: Click here please.

Ashraf  –  14 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+41)

Here are proper links to the free alternatives I listed above:
Titan Backup 1.5

FTP Commander

Ashraf  –  14 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+39)

(It looks good, but could someone please explain where I might use this? )

FTP server profile set-up process consists of the three basic steps:
1. Set up Connection parameters: server address, user name and password, used protocol (standard or secure SSL/TLS), connection type (direct or via proxy-server).
2. Create Automation Tasks: uploading files and folders from local discs to server or downloading files and folders from server to local discs. Each task has additional options - comparison of files before uploading and downloading, saving file modification time, synchronizing folder structure, deleting successfully processed files at the source side etc. One of significant features of FTPGetter is file batch processing by mask, so that you can perform operations with multiple files with names that match certain criteria - e.g. upload to server only files with html extension or download from server all files except images in bmp format.
3. Adjust the Scheduler - customize weekdays when profile tasks will be processed, processing start-up and finish time, frequency of performance.

FTPGetter Team  –  14 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+34)

(Sync part of the program does not work if you installed it as a service)

Fixed. Please download latest FTPGetter build from our site.

The activation instructions are as follows:

1. Run FTPGetter.
2. Press Ctrl+K when in the main window (or in the nag-screen). Pressing this keyboard shortcut will open a folder for the program in Windows Explorer.
3. Put the file ftpgetter3.lic which is included in the package into the FTPGetter application folder (see point 2).
4. Restart the program. If you use FTPGetter as a Windows service, then just restart the FTPGetter launcher service.
5. To view the license information, open the 'About...' dialog. To do this, select Help on the main menu and choose About.

FTPGetter Team  –  14 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+16)

To activate FTPGetter 3.11

Click ftpgetter3.lic. Choose move this file ----> Local Disk (C:) ----> Documents and Settings ----> Application Data ----> FTPGetter and click move button. Close and restart the program. Voila, your FTPGetter 3.11 is now registered!

ArahMan7  –  14 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+15)

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