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FOCUS projects 4 Pro (Win&Mac) Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — FOCUS projects 4 Pro (Win&Mac)

Tecnologia Focus Boost para imagens nítidas sem esforço.
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FOCUS projects 4 Pro (Win&Mac) esteve disponível como oferta em 27 de março de 2024

Giveaway of the Day de Hoje
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Turbine sua digitação usando o assistente de escrita com tecnologia de IA.

Crie macros de livros didáticos, nítidas e com detalhes como você nunca viu antes. Com as novas tecnologias do FOCUS Projects 4 Professional você pode criar fotos macro de última geração que possuem uma profundidade de foco fascinante e trazem detalhes extraordinários à luz.NOVO: Empilhamento HQ com cálculo de 64 bits;NOVO: Tecnologia Focus Boost para uma nitidez ainda maior; Até 1000 níveis de nitidez; Alinhamento preciso e exclusivo de todas as imagens na pilha; Inclui plug-in para Adobe Lightroom.

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Minimum: Windows 10/ 8/ 7, 32 Bit; Processor Core Duo, 2 GB HDD, 1.280 x 1024 Pixels Screen Resolution, Graphic: DirectX-8-compatible, 128 MB, 32 bit colour depth; Mac OS X ab 10.7, 64 Bit, Processor Intel/G5, 2 GB HDD, 1.280 x 1024 Pixels Screen Resolution

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Developed by Andrew Zhezherun
Developed by PhotoInstrument
Developed by Autodesk, Inc.
Developed by Nero AG

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I have this (not a free version) but have never written about it. Maybe it's its first time here?

The aim is to overcome the limited depth of focus of lenses (you can decrease the aperture to increase the depth of field, but this only goes so far and causes diffraction to soften the whole image noticeably after a certain point).

So you just shoot something from a Tripod at an aperture where the lens is sharp and shoot several images with the focus point moving through the scene. For example if the subject is from 25-30 cm away you could shoot with the focus starting at 25 and advancing in about 1cm interval to 30cm (so 6 images total). Feed them into this and everything should be sharp.

Note you'll need a lens that focuses close to do smaller objects.

There's also an effect of lenses called "focus breathing" where the image size varies with focus (i.e. the focal length of the lens varies a little depending on how far away you focus). This could be an issue shooting at greater distances and might need experimenting to choose the best camera/lens. (Just aim it at something, say, 10m away and manually adjust the focus, see if stuff at the image edge moves in/out of the image.)

Oh and being fairly old (2018) note it's not high-DPI (i.e. 4k/5k monitor) friendly. So if you have one I'd recommend, on Windows 10 or 11, that you right mouse button the program, select Properties, then the Compatibility tab, click "Change high DPI settings", tick "Override high DPI scaling..." at the bottom of the next dialogue and select "System (Enhanced)", or if that doesn't work well then "System".

IMHO worth the download if this might be something you'd like to play with.

I haven't had Breakfast yet, so I'll leave it there for now...

JohnL  –  2 months ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+63)

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