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Efficient Calendar 5.22  Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Efficient Calendar 5.22

Uma cruz-plataforma e fácil de usar, programador, planejador e lembrete.
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Efficient Calendar 5.22 esteve disponível como oferta em 27 de junho de 2017

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Converta arquivos HEIC do iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Efficient Calendar é um programa multi-plataforma e fácil de usar, programador, planejador e lembrete, que permite a você gerenciar o tempo, tanto em PCs e telefones celulares. Vários modos de exibição do calendário, como Dia, Semana, Mês e Ano de opiniões, bem como de lista de modo de exibição estão disponíveis para que você possa melhor organizar e acompanhar eventos. Por definição subtarefas em qualquer nível, você pode organizar e gerenciar melhor a lista de coisas a fazer. Todos os compromissos, reuniões, eventos e tarefas podem ser lembrados no momento, conforme configurado, e você nunca mais vai perder nenhum coisas importantes!

  • Calendário, Tarefas e Eventos dos Módulos, Ajudam a Gerir o Tempo de forma Eficiente
  • Fácil a Sincronização de Dados entre PCs e Telefones celulares
  • Vários modos de exibição de Calendário (Dia, Semana, Mês e Ano)
  • Definir a Importância e Prioridades de Tarefas e Eventos
  • Importação de Férias como Você Gosta E Adicionar Anexos e Links de Arquivo
  • NB:os dados da Licença: 1 Ano de Atualização de Licença. Você pode atualizar este programa para a versão mais recente em um ano. Se você ainda deseja atualizar depois de um ano, você precisa para renovar seu código.

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    Requisitos do Sistema:

    Windows 10 /8 /7 /XP /Vista; Android, iOS

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    Efficient Software

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    16.3 MB



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    I mean no insult and it is great that GOTD offers things daily but why in 2017 would anyone want or need such an offer?

    iOS or Android phones as well as other phones that are not as popular all have calendar and reminder options that are pretty endless and capable. Most if not all are free and probably a majority use Google Calendar so why would anyone pay $35 bucks for essentially what to me seems to be the same thing for the most part?!?!

    Tweak  –  6 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+6)

    Tweak, First, the cost of this software is not out of line with similar software. Secondly, not everyone has a phone (gasp), and of those who do, many are NOT smartphones. Of the people with phones, many still use them primarily to make and receive phone calls, and they do this by choice. We all use technology differently. I rarely use my Samsung for phone calls, and I do value the capabilities it possesses, but I pick and choose which are valuable to me. Third, I have never dropped my desktop with a 27" screen, or lost it, or submerged it in the washing machine. I have done all those things with my smartphone. (Yes, I know. I could recover my Google calendar from my online accounts.) Fourth, many of us can benefit from the additional features that a personal information manager provides, features which Google calendar just does not have. (Let's not even mention the concerns I have over Google being the "all-knowing" presence it has come to be in the online world.) If Google calendar is sufficient for your needs, then that's great, but the more expansive features of a desktop PIM are more appropriate for many.

    Sparky  –  6 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+13)


    Explain please?

    I have my calendar on my PC which syncs to my phone and tablet and laptop and it also is shared with my mom using Android on her phone and my father with his iPhone. Always synced and never an issue, reminders, holidays, weather, birthdays and events all sync and work.

    I see people choosing to downvote my comment but it was a legitimate question. Rather than downvote how about answer like Dog did which was the intent. Upvote or downvote doesn't matter just looking for a reason to use or not use the offered program.

    Thank you Dog for actually replying.

    Tweak  –  6 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+11)

    For those not interested in installing this product (or missed the deadline) but want or even need something like this, and have/use an Android device (including registration/connection with Google).

    Install and setup (if not already done) Mozilla Thunderbird.
    Download and add the "Lightning" and "Provider for Google Calendar" extensions and restart Thunderbird.
    After restarting switch to the calendar and finish the setup and connection to your Google account (see guide).

    Thunderbird and the extensions work on both Windows and Linux error free, and with the connection to your Google calendar, a cross-platform calendar, without having to purchase additional software.

    I have also seen that Apple devices are able to use the Google calendar as well.



    Provider for Google Calendar:

    Setup guide:

    Matt  –  6 years ago  –  Você achou esse comentário útil? sim | não (+12)

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